LGBT+ Resources at USYD


Are you a student at the University of Sydney?

Are you trans, intersex, asexual, queer, questioning, lesbian, gay, bi, or any other diverse gender or sexuality for that matter? Or perhaps you’re a friend or ally?

Rainbow flag.

Welcome to, an online directory for all rainbow-related information at USYD.

The University, SRC and Union have many societies, resources and allied services for you. Read on for the list!

The Queerspace

A photograph of the USYD Queerspace.

Looking to hang out with some friendly peeps, or just want access to the most LGBTIQ-frequented microwave on campus? The Sydney Uni Queerspace is a cosy corner set aside for LGBT+ and questioning people to chill, make a coffee and hang out in a relaxed environment any time of the day.

The Queerspace is hidden away on the lower level of the Holme Building, and can be accessed via the stairs going downwards from the northwest corner of the Courtyard Cafe.

Having trouble finding the Queerspace, or want to know more about it? Email for more information!

Queer Action Collective (QuAC)

Photo of the Queer Action Collective.

Feeling a bit political? Want to make uni a better place for LGBT+ people, and want to work with students from across Australia to get the ball rolling for equality? Then the Queer Action Collective (QuAC) is the society for you!

QuAC meets weekly during each semester, at the time that’s most convenient for the majority of members.

Email to join the Collective’s secret Facebook group, find out what the semester’s meeting times are, and get involved with building a better world.

Facebook page for QuAC.


USYD Counselling Service

Photo of a person sitting crosslegged, meditating.

Life and studies can be hard enough, without the added stresses that being LGBTIQ+ can bring.

If you need someone to talk to, USYD offers a free counselling service for all students.

To book an appointment, visit the counselling website.



SUPRA Queer Portfolio

The logo for the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association

The Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) has a strong commitment to equity, ensuring that all voices of postgraduate students are heard within the university.

We run a number of social events for students such as our monthly wine and cheese nights, and a monthly Equity film night. Our Ally Network on campus ensures greater representation of LGBT+ student needs within the university.

If you’re an LGBT+ postgraduate student and would like to be kept up-to-date with upcoming events and campaigns (or have any ideas you’d like to share), contact the current SUPRA Queer Officer at au.ude.dysu.arpus@reeuq.

Facebook link for SUPRA.


Queer Honi

Queer Honi 2012 cover.Queer Honi 2014 cover.Queer Honi cover 2015.

Every year in Semester 2, USYD’s student newspaper Honi Soit publishes a special rainbow edition: Queer Honi.

Any LGBT+ person can write for Queer Honi! The Queer Action Collective (above) manages the publication, so email them at to enquire about writing, drawing, and otherwise publishing your creative work in Queer Honi.

To see articles and illustrations that have previously been published in Queer Honi, check out the Honi Soit website.


The Queer Revue

Queer Revue logo.

Want to see your name up in lights? Want all of your friends’ parents to see you naked? Then the Sydney University Queer Revue is the place for you!

Queer Revue is an all-singing, all-dancing comedic production put on at the Seymour Centre every year by queer and queer-friendly students. There are plenty of ways to get involved, whether you want to strut the stage (acting, singing, dancing) or help out behind the scenes (writing, design, working backstage).

Join the Facebook group for all the latest Queer Revue news!

Facebook link for Queer Revue.


Pride Week

Pride Week logo

Pride Week is hosted by University of Sydney Union, with various events and workshops for queer groups at USYD, Clubs & Societies, and the SRC’s Queer Department. It’s a week to celebrate the diversity and dynamism of our community. With so many events there’s sure to be something for everybody!

Highlights of Pride Week include Queer barbecues, LGBT graffiti, parties and speakers nights, and of course the traditional Coming Out by Candlelight, where we come together to discuss and share our journeys.

You can read more about Pride Week events at the USU website.



Photo of a nightclub party.

Shades is all about valuing and respecting everyone- and having a great time doing it!

Shades is a university society that throws parties. Queer, straight or otherwise, at Shades we have a radical idea: get over it! Life may be complicated, but parties don’t have to be. So let’s get together and celebrate our diversity – no matter what shade you are.

Facebook link for Shades.

External Partners


Twenty10 logo.

Twenty10 is a support organisation located just down the road from Sydney Uni which caters to LGBT+ people under the age of 26.

They welcome daytime drop-ins, and offer a comfortable loungeroom with a TV, computers, sofas, games, drinks and washing machines; they host monthly dinners, groups and activities; and they also provide temporary accommodation for emergency situations.

For more information, visit



ACON logo.

ACON is a Sydney based not-for-profit that actively promotes LGBT+ health, and runs regular workshops targeted at providing support, health awareness and social groups.

ACON also provides a free, friendly and confidential rapid testing service for sexually active men that returns test results in under half an hour.

For online bookings and further details, visit